Pawsh-Magazine-spring-2013Two full years of Pawsh the magazine; I can hardly believe it. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, a saying that I have always known to be true in my personal life, but rarely in my professional one – that is until I took an enormous leap of faith and started a little online space about the thing that never fails to bring me joy…dogs. (Read the new issue here!)

I was told by a lot of people that starting a pet magazine was a waste of time (that’s an exact quote). I was told that I should apply my love of words and my passion for photography to something more commercial, but that isn’t what felt right to me. I wanted to talk about our furry friends on a daily basis in a manner that truly celebrated their special beauty.

If you think about it dogs are like living works art. They convey some of the rawest emotion you can find in life; they embody the present and truly savour every moment, from a delicious meal to an even more delicious nap; and they make us endure unrivalled tragedy by their fleeting presence in this world. I wanted to try to capture their incredible beings in a magazine that celebrated all of these things through artistic photographs and poetic words.

I wanted to try and help people with their questions so they could give their pets the best lives possible. I wanted to give back to rescue organizations and animal shelters and above all I wanted to encourage an ongoing conversation about dogs. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the incredible community that would come together around this conversation.

There really ought to be a better word than ‘thank you’ for expressing gratitude – alas it is all I have to offer you. Thank you, deeply, for loving dogs as much as I do and for helping Pawsh become what is today.

Please enjoy what is now the 7th edition of Pawsh entitled “Dog-Gone Jubilee” — a celebration of the past two years of celebration.

Now, I’m off for a lovely birthday brunch and some silly shenanigans for the rest of the day! See you all on Monday! Much love, as always!

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