quack_muzzle01 quack_muzzle04quack_muzzle02Japanese design company, Oppo, has created what I think is a brilliant dog muzzle. Aptly called ‘Quack‘ this muzzle resembles a duck bill and fits securely around the snout. Does it look rather ridiculous — perhaps worse than the cone of shame? Yes, yes it does, but that’s okay.

The genius of this product lies in the fact that ‘Quack’ physically shows that dogs who are wrestling with aggression issues — be it resource guarding, fear biting or intense separation anxiety — are still loveable, goofy creatures.

Most muzzles available on the pet market at the moment are in a word ‘ugly’ and make any dog, from a large Great Dane to the teeniest of chihuahuas, look mean, unfriendly and unapproachable. A muzzle can often convey the wrong message to those who see it, suggesting to someone on the outside that they should ‘stand back, this dog is mean, a hopeless case.’

Instead the optimistic reality is that a lot of dogs who are dealing with aggressive tendencies can be retrained if given a second chance. So I would like to say thank you to ‘Quack’ for helping to change the way muzzled dogs are perceived.

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