toronto-dog-photography-hearsMy apologies for the radio-silence this week ladies and gents! (Have you been following the Pawsh antics on Instagram?) I have been running around like a proper busy-bee organizing Pawsh’s first ever Mother’s Day week of giveaways!

The fun all begins on Monday and there are some truly wonderful items up for grabs, plus all sorts of cute content to help pet parents celebrate their furballs! I hope you’re excited, I can’t wait to share it with you!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this week’s dog-inspired quote. Whenever I get a little blue or am just having a down day, I swear Rory knows it and does her best to cheer me up. Similarly, whenever I’m in a super jolly mood or on the cusp of being hyper she picks up on that too. Sometimes our dogs know us better than we know ourselves, wouldn’t you say?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you all on Monday!

{Photography by Posh Pets Photography}