dog-quote-18-pawsh-magazineThis week`s parting words are about taking chances. Too often we shy away from trying something new, because we worry about failing before we`ve even allowed ourselves a chance to mess up.

But the terrifying reality is that if we never ask for change, if we never pursue things beyond our proverbial comfort zones, if we never dare to believe that dreams can become reality, then the answer will always be an automatic no.

So instead, let`s beg for a chance. How often does your dog sit at your feet, whine in your direction or wave frantically in the air begging for a piece of toast or a treat — that`s right, probably all the time. Dogs do not fear failing. They have a remarkable tendency to go for whatever might be possible, no matter how out of reach those table scraps are or how impossible it may be to climb a tree after a squirrel.

True, begging is a behaviour that we humans tend to not encourage in our pups and rightly so; it can be annoying and rude if too frequently performed. But a small part of me always marvels when Rory begs for a treat, even when she knows the odds are stacked against her. It reminds me that I too have to take the chance that the odds might come around to my favour if I am determined enough.

So this weekend, let`s focus on taking some sort of chance. Are you with me!

Oh, and before I go….

Yesterday`s Pasja Pet Bike Basket winner (drawn by random) is….
Stephanie and Jelly the dog! Please email us to collect your prize!

{Photography by Posh Pets Photography}

PAWSH PERKS: The dog in today`s photo is Candy. She is waiting for a second chance at Toronto Animal Services North and there is no doubt about her face that she is asking for that chance to be loved again.