wimbledon-dog-toysWe’re big fans of Wimbledon around here, so thought we’d do a little roundup of tennis inspired dog products! Here’s what every tennis-loving pup needs to bring their A-game on the tennis court…or you know, in the backyard.

1. iFetch — a high-tech invention isn’t actually available for purchase yet, but it is in development on Kickstarter and Rory and I have instantly fallen in love with the concept. It is an automatic ball launcher that turns itself on when a ball is dropped in the top and turns itself off again once the ball has been launched a whopping 10 to 30 feet!

You can adjust the throwing ¬†distance to adapt from indoor use to outdoor use AND, if your pup is clever, you can train them to use this contraption on their own! I can’t wait to get my paws on one of these personally! If you love the idea too (and the sleek design!) pop over to Kickstarter to show iFetch some love and support!

2. Number 1 Dog Trophy Toy — whether you’re handing out prizes for good effort or for completely dominating the court, everyone likes something shiny! This toy may not be an exact replica of the Wimbledon trophy, but it expresses a similar sentiment.

3. Strawberry Dog Toy — what is Wimbledon without strawberries? You might not want to share your own sweet bowl of strawberries with your pup, but you can still treat them to the widely regarded tradition with their own chew toy! This beauty has a treat spot too to add extra appeal!

4. ¬†Tenis Ball Rope Toy — one cannot simply run around after a tennis ball all day to train for Wimbledon. These bright rope toys will help your dog workout in a different manner via a delightful game of tug-of-war. It’s all about varying your workout after all. This toy is also great for teaching the fundamental concept of fetch to your dog, especially if their still in the phase of not wanting to give the ball back entirely.

5. BOB Pet Bowls — every aspiring athlete understands that that chowing down is important for a healthy game. And because the popular athletes always seem to tote the coolest gear when on-the-go, this ergonomic 2-in-1 water and food dish takes the cake! Not only does it offer a funky, modern design in a dazzling range of bright colours, but it is also of raised height to allow for better digestion. Nifty!

6. Dog T-Shirt — every pooch needs some workout gear if training for a big game day. I adore this garment’s slogan, “Your workout is our warm-up!” What’s a big of friendly competition without some stylish mind games, right?

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