Green-pet-products-Pawsh-Magazine-1 How green is your pet? It’s not a new question by any means, but it is a consideration worth revisiting every year, as the environment impacts us all (whether we have two legs or four!) With spring officially here and almost in full swing, what better time to explore this matter. Consider it a bit of a spring cleaning do-over to help your pet reduce his environmental pawprint. Here we go!

GREEN PET LIVING TIP #1: PLAY WITH ECO-FRIENDLY DOG TOYSGreen-pet-products-Pawsh-Magazine-2With the abundance of adorable dog toys out there in the marketplace (and they are super duper cute!) it can be easy to get swept away by a spontaneous case of retail therapy and buy the first precious items we lay eyes on. However, taking some time to research eco-friendly toys made from sustainable or recycled materials can make all the difference in terms of helping your pet live the green life.

Consider investing in a few, well-made, durable and green dog toys for your pupster’s enjoyment, rather than dozens and dozens of cheap, poorly manufactured toys that will be thrown out and constantly need replacing.

GREEN PET LIVING TIP #2: EMBRACE HAND-ME-DOWNSGreen-pet-products-Pawsh-Magazine-3How often does your dog outgrow a piece of apparel or a collar? How often do you change his feeding bowl or leash just for a fun, fresh style? As design conscious pet parents, this probably happens quite a bit — and that’s okay! But to help reduce the amount of waste generated by replacing outdated pet items, why not consider handing them down to a friend or better yet donating them to a shelter? This gives your used pet products a second life, new purpose and saves them from a horrible landfill.

GREEN PET LIVING TIP #3: INVEST IN A HIGH-QUALITY DOG BEDGreen-pet-products-Pawsh-Magazine-4Your pet’s bed is probably one of the most used items in their day-to-day life. Chances are it also endures a lot of wear and tear that sends cheaply manufactured beds to the dump in the blink of an eye. By investing in a high-quality pet bed, you are not only saving yourself some money in the long run, but also reducing your pet-related waste.

When choosing a great pet bed look for the following:

  • naturally sourced fibres that are machine washable
  • removable covers (they make cleaning a thousand times easier)
  • an ultra cushy design so the bed doesn’t loose its spring
  • durable stitching
  • water-resistant materials (great for preventing mildew)
  • dimensions that will fit your pet even when they are all grown up


GREEN PET LIVING TIP #4: SPEND MORE TIME OUTSIDE Green-pet-products-Pawsh-magazine-5That’s right — spend more time outside. Turn off the computers, phones, televisions and gaming systems. Wake your pup up from their napping place at your feet or next to you on the couch and head outdoors for fun and games! Take advantage of the beautiful daylight hours and spend some quality unplugged time with your pupster. Think of this extra time as a daily ‘Earth Hour’ that embraces a slightly greener way of life.

{Huge thanks to my fabulous friend and talented artist Tonya Pet Photography for photographing this vibrant installment of the “Pet Wellness” column. Be sure to visit her fantastic website for all sorts of other fun pet shoots! Her work is awesome!}

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