Toronto-pet-photographer-dog-barking-tipsHave you ever been annoyed because your dog barks — and barks and barks and barks? It’s a question most pet parents would answer ‘yes’ to (including myself!) No matter how much we train a dog not to bark there will always be those occasions when they yip and yap away. However, I’ve discovered a new way to approach this matter…

Instead of scolding your furry friend when they bark at the mailman, the garbage truck or someone at the door, tell your dog “Thank you.” Actually say thank you out loud and then redirect your little minions to their bed for a cookie.

The reason is this; if you raise your voice at a dog who is barking, the dog picks up on that energy and interprets that extra sound as ‘Well everyone is on alert now! Yay!’ By saying thank you instead, you keep your energy calm and composed which translates better to redirecting a dog’s attention.

Remember a dog barks to raise awareness of what they perceive to be a danger to the group. So acknowledge their bark as a positive thing and literally thank them for their safety tip. I’ve been doing this lately with Rory and Lucy and it is proving to be a great training tactic!

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