toronto-dog-blog-pawsh-farwellMy heart is breaking a little as I type this final message to you all, but after a great deal of personal reflection I have made the almost impossible decision to bid farewell to Pawsh Magazine.

I adore the Pawsh project and cherish every single moment that I have spent working on it over the past six years. I love chatting with you all about leading a well-balanced dog-centric life. I love hearing about your dog stories, your advice, your product recommendations and your day-to-day antics with faithful canine sidekicks in tow. I consider myself truly lucky to have had the good fortune to connect with you all through this little passion project called Pawsh that took on a life of its own and became an internationally read sensation!

Alas, there are only so many hours in a day and I find more and more of my time being demanded by other projects and responsibilities to the point where I can no longer do the Pawsh mission justice.

Thank you truly and deeply for all of your support over the years. Thank you for sharing your love of dogs with Pawsh, thank you for your kind words, thank you for your enthusiasm and love. This project has been the most meaningful of my life to date and I will miss both it and you tremendously.

For those of you who may be interested, please follow me at LLB Creative (INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER). My pet photography work will live on there and there are new projects sure to come, some of which will most definitely be animal centric once again. A little piece of Pawsh will live on through that brand as I will always forever find a way to talk about dogs!

I’ve always been pretty horrendous with goodbyes and never really know how to wrap them up. So in the spirit of not dragging things out I will sign off by simply saying farewell, thank you deeply and hooray for dogs!


toronto-dog-magazine-unleash-kindness-campaign-WEBAThere are no words to describe how much I love dogs and animals. There really aren’t! And every time I read a report about animal neglect or hear about the horrific conditions that so many lovely dogs and animals have to endure every day all over the world, my heart collapses. I feel crushed and hopelessly ineffectual because often times animal welfare issues seem too big for one person to take on and solve alone.

However, the other week while lamenting about this to friends over dinner, I was reminded of the fact that big change doesn’t happen overnight and is actually the result of lots of little changes. Baby steps. Small efforts and concentrated assistance to make a difference in our local communities, to inspire positive change and to raise awareness.

So I had an idea that I wanted to share with you. Let’s all make a pact to do whatever we can this week (Valentine’s week, it’s very appropriate) to #unleashkindness for animals in our communities. Let’s make a conscious effort to do what we each individually can this week to make a positive difference in the life of an animal (or animals) in our community.

These actions don’t have to be enormous to make a big difference. They can be actions to make your own dog’s life a bit better, a friend’s dog or a shelter animal. Any animal really! Here are a few ideas if you’re interested:

1. Donate your coffee money this week to a local shelter/rescue
2. Spend a few hours volunteering with an animal rescue group
3. Share this post and the #unleashedkindess pact with the animal lovers in your life
4. Offer to walk a senior’s or neighbour’s dog who maybe doesn’t get a lot of exercise.
5. Donate gently used pet items to animals in need
6. Bake dog treats for a local rescue
7. Make a donation to an animal cause
8. Swap out a favourite beauty product for a cruelty-free beauty product
9. Join animal rescue Facebook pages and share foster profiles of animals in need.
10. Take an hour to do nothing but play with your dog.
11. Gift a new pet item to an animal in need.
12. Anything else you can think of!

Take a selfie of yourself doing your good deed this week and post it to Instagram or our Facebook page with the hashtag #unleashkindess so we can share the inspiration and positive mood!

Maybe this is silly idea. Maybe it is idealistic and naive. But I really do believe that together we can make a difference. We absolutely can! I hope you’ll join me this week in trying to make that difference and raise awareness about animals in need in our communities.

Happy Valentine’s Week everyone!  xo


dog-tag-braceletLosing a beloved pet is excruciating and trying to find a way to beautifully memorialize their spirit can be a challenge. So when we came across this gorgeous DIY leather bracelet concept that beautifully incorporates a pet ID tag, we just had to share it! How do you remember your lost pet friends?


toronto dog blog

There is a new dog leash in town and it is making quite an impression in the dog community. The RuffGrip® leash is here and is far beyond ‘just another leash.’ It is practically and thoughtfully designed, comfortable to use and symbolizes the strong bond between dog and owner – literally! Here is what we love about this new product.

REASON #1: RuffGrip® is super duper durable

toronto dog blog

Constructed from non-slip, lightweight grip, rubberized woven nylon this leash is all kinds of durable! Not only does it deter chewing (for those dogs who insist on using their leash as a substitute tug-of-war toy), but it also handles all sorts of weather conditions, which, as all of you fellow Canadians will appreciate, is a major plus!

According to the RuffGrip® website, “South African security teams in Iraq use the leash in 135o temperature and fine sand. Alaskan rescue teams use it in the coldest weather.”

REASON #2: RuffGrip® has excellent grip

toronto dog blog

Little leather ‘stops’ are strategically placed at six-inch intervals along the length of the leash, offering pet parents an easier and steadier grip. When walking Rory on previous leashes I always physically tied knots throughout it; should the leash slide through my grip one of the knots could stop it breaking free from my hand completely. The RuffGrip® leash, however, adds this little feature in automatically which makes a big difference.

REASON #3: RuffGrip® is great for kids

toronto dog blogThis product has earned all sorts of recognition for helping children to handle pets on a leash (with proper parental supervision, of course). The brand earned 4.7 stars from the Parent Tested Parent Approved Awards and is noted to help children better assume a role of responsibility in caring for their canine family members.

This new leash checks all the must-have boxes on our list and is now one of our go-to leashes for long walks through our lovely city!


minimalist dog prints home decorThe the promise of Valentine’s Day on the horizon some say that love is now officially in the air. Of course, as devoted dog parents, we all know that love is in the air constantly when you have a wet nose in your house who is always on the ready to sniff it out!

To celebrate our beloved pupsters Pawsh has rounded up 10 of our favourite minimalist dog typography prints for your home decor this season. They seriously go with every style of home decor (and might make a cute Valentine’s Day gift too for the dog lover in your life!)

DOG PRINT #1: “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (AND A DOG)” by SimpleSerene on Etsy.
minimalist dog prints home decorBecause it’s true! Ask anyone who loves their dog and they will tell you that you need very little else in life to be perfectly content. Evenings spent at home are suddenly cozier, walks through your neighbourhood are more lively and day to day activities are all the brighter when you have a dog by your side. This sweet little print is a lovely reminder of that!

DOG PRINT #2: “DOG LOVER” by Pawsh Magazine

minimalist dog prints home decorBecause if we HAD to choose one label for ourselves, this would be it! This sleek contemporary print (created by yours truly) is like a badge to display proudly in your home or at the office! Can we get a whoop, whoop?

DOG PRINT #3: “MUST LOVE DOGS” by TinaBlueShoes on Etsy

minimalist dog prints home decorBecause… you must! Especially if you want to date or do the whole relationship thing. Diane Lane had it right all along!

DOG PRINT #4: “LET’S STICK TOGETHER” by Sophie Corrigan

minimalist dog prints home decorBecause the sentiment is oh-so true and this print would be so stinking cute to gift to a best friend, sibling or significant other!


minimalist dog prints home decorHow beautiful is this unique calligraphy print? The scripted words highlight your favourite breed’s best qualities in a gorgeous style that then brings the dog’s profile to life! Absolutely gorgeous!


minimalist dog prints home decorYou know when Julie Andrews sings about her favourite things in The Sound of Music? Well this print is like that for us and highlights three of our all time favourite things! I mean how can you not love this perfect trio? Ideal for hanging in the bedroom or reading nook


minimalist dog prints home decorBecause it’s funny and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. (Of course, we love ALL dogs.)

DOG PRINT #8: “I LOVE YOU A LOT BUT…” by Faye Moorhouse Illustration

minimalist dog prints home decorBecause it’s true (even if some of us won’t say it out loud!)

DOG PRINT #9: “BE THE PERSON YOUR DOG…” by TheInspiringType on Etsy

minimalist dog prints home decorBecause we should all strive for this and this cute print would serve as a friendly reminder hanging by the front door.

DOG PRINT #10: (OPENING IMAGE) “YOU, ME & THE DOG” by PeachesPrintsEtc on Etsy

minimalist dog prints home decor
Because a dog is truly part of the family and this sophisticated print is too pretty not to want!

Which minimalist dog inspired prints are your favourites? And where would you hang them in your home? We’d love to hear! xo