MTInc_room-130428-0111-edit-edit-lowResA new trend making its mark on the design world is the dog room. Yes, entire rooms designed specially for the family pooch’s comfort.

Some dog rooms are simple conversions to make better use of a surplus linen closet, while others are small-scaled renovations to transform an odd foyer or similar area into a dog-friendly mudroom or convenient (and stylish!) at-home boarding space.

Today we have a special treat — a brand new, never before seen room tour of one such dog-friendly space that belongs to the little long-haired chihuahua from Montecristo Travels. Here are the details…

The obvious place to start is The Trousseau (or suitcase dog bed). Talented canine couture designer, Kiki Hamann, converted the antique Louis Vuitton suitcase into a one-of-a-kind cozy bed, complete with a travel document holder (this little fluffball travels the world), water flask and toiletry bag.

The feet are lions claw feet. Monte’s owners raised the bed so he could look out the window into the big wide world and dream of his next great adventure.
A convenient drawer lifts out of the bed, offering clever storage for Monte’s wide selection of harnesses, sweaters and outwear. His owners say they especially love this feature, because it supports their minimalist lifestyle by limiting the space for new items. “When it is at full capacity, nothing new goes in unless something old goes out,” explains Monte’s owner.

The pretty, sun-bathed space is decorated with contemporary maps of the world. Meanwhile Monte’s shelf is adorned with his Dog of Hamann award, his hero figurines (the dog Snowy from TinTin and Idefix from Asterix), as well as a few other knick-knacks collected from his various trips.

Vintage travel postcards are held by a postcard “board” (note the crystal detail) and there is an envelope to hold all his toys, all made in matching trousseau fabric.
dog-room-decor-2Nobody can deny that this carefully constructed, dog-friendly space is very cute indeed. Aren’t the little city road signs adorable? To see more of Monte’s room tour, be sure to hop on over to HIS WEBSITE here. (All photos by Dawn Oosterhoof Photography).

Can’t get enough of dog-friendly home decor? Here are two other dog rooms that are sure to make your pups at home drool…

Note the dog dinner dishes built into the wall to avoid unwanted spills and mess — clever! A beautiful window seat provides Fido with a nice place to watch the world go by and the wall decal of a lamp post is very Lady and the Tramp. The pup who lives here is very lucky indeed!
These spiffy space has dog-friendly furniture, a durable yet brightly coloured rug for little paws to relax upon and a series of beautifully crafted kennels. The twinkling chandelier adds a touch of sparkle to this space and those large double doors likely open up onto a yard for pupsters to play in.

This set up would be ideal for somebody who runs an at-home dog boarding service or fosters multiple dogs at the same time, don’t you think? It’s kind of nice to imagine all of the dog items neat and tidy in one room…

What do you think about this trend? Would you ever consider having building a dog room? What sort of features would it have?

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  1. simone says:

    This is so beautiful.
    I will definitely try to re-create something simular for my spoiled pup.
    Hmmm….maybe not with the Louis Vuitton though…..

  2. Montecristo trave;s (Sonja) says:

    Thank you for the shout out! This project took about a year to pull together. Both for financial reasons and to be sure that we had the right details. The trousseau fabric is actually an almost perfect match to our bed cover. That way the little room within the bigger room is tied in. The road signs are actually a coat rack from Urban Barn! It was fun! Monte loves it and sleeps there all the time now. I think he likes having his human free zone.

  3. Gail says:

    We started building an addition onto our existing home, 8 years ago……it has been a work in progress. One room is considered the dogs’ bedroom and is 16 X 25 ft. It houses my little office (computer area), a walk-in closet for dog food, breeding equipment, dog blankets, extra dog dishes, etc. We also have a grooming table, washer/dryer, sink/tub (for bathing puppies), and five large dog beds in this room. A dog door going out to the yard and another door, allowing entry into the main part of the house, once the dogs have clean paws. The floor is a heated cement floor for warmth for the dogs and puppies during winter months, and coolness in warmer times. We are currently designing window treatments for the windows and creating two sets of bunk beds to accommodate 4 dogs. The fifth dog sleeps under the laundry area table where I am able to sort laundry. This room is worth it’s weight in gold, by allowing me to have 5 wonderful standard poodles and a clean house free of dragged in dirt. The dogs love this room as it also houses their food dishes and toys that they can spread out everywhere.

    • Mary says:

      I just love this room you did. I really want to do something like this too one day. I now have 11 dogs and live in a town house. The whole house belongs to them now. But my furniture and carpet have taken it’s toll. :( It’s not worth getting new at this time. I love the sectioned off area for each dog. A room of their own. I need a room that they will stay in most of the time…so my place isn’t one big toilet. This is my dream come true for them.

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