IMG_7103Pawsh contributor, Simone Fauque, captured an incredible story about a little pig who was thrown from a transport truck between Toronto and Montreal and rescued by two wonderful women. This is the story of Marley the piglet…

Battered from her fall, bruised and barley able to stand, Marley was scooped up by sisters Amanda and Haley from the side of a busy highway. They drove for hours with the injured piglet in the safety of their arms, wrapped in a bright red blanket until they found an animal refuge willing to take Marley.

Simone just happened to be on the scene with her trusty camera and captured these beautiful images.
IMG_71018950067_origIMG_7121Pigs are amazing and often misunderstood creatures. Can’t you just see the relief on Marley’s face as she is taken care of? The thought of what might have happened to her had nobody stopped on that highway — or if she hadn’t ended up on the highway — breaks my heart.

To see more photos of this rescue, jump on over to Simone’s lovely blog here.