this-or-that--dog-harnessHow do you like to walk your dog? I spent ages training Rory how to walk nicely on just a collar, but no matter how long we spent working on that particular lesson she would always need a stern (yet gentle) reminder that puppies should not pull and tug when out for a stroll.

I became concerned that she might hurt her neck on just a collar if she continued to insist on pulling, so I switched her over to a trusty dog harness. The difference was night and day! Not only did she almost instantly walk far more politely on the harness — loose leash, by my side, no pulling — but I felt better that her little neck wasn’t being put under strain.

Although I do adore a stylish dog collar for my pup, when it comes to ‘walkies’ I always reach for a dog harness first.

Above is a lovely example of each: a mustache dog collar and a new freedom dog harness from Muttropolis. Which do you prefer to walk your dog on — collar or harness? Which would you choose?