pawsh-magazine-modern-dog-harness-ex-z-1A popular debate here on Pawsh is collar versus harness for walking the pupster. Personally, I prefer harnesses for Miss Rory, because she walks more politely on them and I find it easier to keep her out of harm’s way when trotting around the city (case and point, just this morning I had to prevent her lunging excitedly for a chicken bone on the street).

Today I am delighted to share a review of what I have found to be one of the best dog harnesses I’ve ever used. Presenting the EZ-X Harness — an innovative, single strap sports harness.

This isn’t just another dog harness — it is a completely new design that allows for more convenient usability and security. Let’s run through the features, shall we?
pawsh-magazine-modern-dog-harness-ez-x-3Unlike a typical dog harness where you have to lay it flat on the floor and lift your pup into each of the leg holes, all the while battling their antsy dancing paws that inevitably slip out of the harness before it is fastened, the EZ-X Harness offers a simple collar-like loop that slides easily over your dog’s head.

It then forms an ‘X’ on their chests and the straps go between their front legs and come up to snap together on their backs. Easy-peasy!

To secure the harness, simply clip the two D-Rings together and voila! You are ready for a walk about town! It’s that simple to put on. My household no longer faces the daily chase around the living room as I try to entice Miss Rory into her harness — instead, she sits nicely while I slip the EZ-X over her head.
pawsh-magazine-modern-dog-harness-ez-x-2Plus, when it’s time to take it off all you need to do is unclip and let your dog slip out of the collar part. Then away they go! No more awkwardness at the park trying to take the harness off and put it back on again. Instead enjoy one smooth move! What a time saver!

There are, however, a couple of things to be mindful of when using the EZ-X Harness. It is not recommended for use as a tie out harness or a leave on harness. The manufacturers clearly state on their website that it is designed to be a walking harness only.

If you follow Rory and I on Instagram, you’ve probably caught glimpses of this ravishing red harness already, because we literally use it EVERYWHERE! We love it that much!
pawsh-magazine-ez-x-harness-review copyIt doesn’t chaffe Rory under her armpits unlike other dog harnesses we’ve tried, it fits beautifully and it provides precise pressure and control for me, the dog walker. I would highly recommend this harness to any dog parent — and luckily it comes in a wide range of sizes to fit almost every size imaginable!
pawsh-magazine-modern-dog-harness-ez-x-4Oh, and I should mention that it comes in all sorts of fun colours and patterns too! I opted for red, because Rory always looks so smart in that particular shade. Hop on over to the official EZ-X Harness website and take a peek!

{Photography by me, also known as LLB Creative}

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