toronto-dog-magazine-unleash-kindness-campaign-WEBAThere are no words to describe how much I love dogs and animals. There really aren’t! And every time I read a report about animal neglect or hear about the horrific conditions that so many lovely dogs and animals have to endure every day all over the world, my heart collapses. I feel crushed and hopelessly ineffectual because often times animal welfare issues seem too big for one person to take on and solve alone.

Last year while lamenting about this to friends over dinner, I was reminded of the fact that big change doesn’t happen overnight and is actually the result of lots of little changes. Baby steps. Small efforts and concentrated assistance to make a difference in our local communities, to inspire positive change and to raise awareness.

So I had an idea, an idea that I would like to reshare with you again in 2017. Let’s all make a pact to do whatever we can this week (Valentine’s week, it’s very appropriate) to #unleashkindness for animals in our communities. Let’s make a conscious effort to do what we each individually can this week to make a positive difference in the life of an animal (or animals) in our community.

These actions don’t have to be enormous to make a big difference. They can be actions to make your own dog’s life a bit better, a friend’s dog or a shelter animal. Any animal really! Here are a few ideas if you’re interested:

1. Donate your coffee money this week to a local shelter/rescue
2. Spend a few hours volunteering with an animal rescue group
3. Share this post and the #unleashedkindess pact with the animal lovers in your life
4. Offer to walk a senior’s or neighbour’s dog who maybe doesn’t get a lot of exercise.
5. Donate gently used pet items to animals in need
6. Bake dog treats for a local rescue
7. Make a donation to an animal cause
8. Swap out a favourite beauty product for a cruelty-free beauty product
9. Join animal rescue Facebook pages and share foster profiles of animals in need.
10. Take an hour to do nothing but play with your dog.
11. Gift a new pet item to an animal in need.
12. Anything else you can think of!

Take a selfie of yourself doing your good deed this week and post it to Instagram or our Facebook page with the hashtag #unleashkindess so we can share the inspiration and positive mood!

Maybe this is silly idea. Maybe it is idealistic and naive. But I really do believe that together we can make a difference. We absolutely can! I hope you’ll join me this week in trying to make that difference and raise awareness about animals in need in our communities.

Happy Valentine’s Week everyone!  xo