kitty-lounger-trioThe word summer is often synonymous with the word hammock — at least it is in my books. Nothing is more relaxing than lounging beneath a leafy canopy, gently swinging in a warm breeze. Now, thanks to Peach Industries, our fluffy friends can also enjoy a hammock of their own!

These lightweight, easy to assemble hammock beds are designed primarily for cats, although small dogs under 20lbs can also reap the comfy benefits of these beds. As you can see, Miss Rory wasted no time getting settled in for a delightful snooze.

Each bed is made from wood that is sustainably grown in the USA and each canvas fabric is woven from 100% cotton. Each hammock bed comes with little stickies as well, which I would highly recommend attaching to the bottom of each leg.
pet-bed-hammock-Pawsh-Magazine-2aAt first, I didn’t install these and the whole bed went sliding across the living room floor when Rory tried to hop down. The stickies provide some much needed traction for safety.

You can choose from a variety of fabric colours and patterns — some of which are even reversible so you get two-for-one! Rory certainly appreciates all of these luxurious and thoughtful features — she’s been snoozing almost every afternoon on this hammock bed, all in the name of work of course. The life of a doggy reviewer is a tough one!

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