pawsh-magazine-dog-quote-18This sweet husky and his outrageously ‘messy’ sit serves as a wonderful reminder that by finding one’s own style, you are more likely to stand out from the pack. This is a sentiment that is not only true of blogging and publishing, but also of life in general. Sometimes all the inspiration you need lives in a funny dog quote.

Don’t worry about how ridiculous you may look or what others may chatter on about once you leave the room. Take a chance, discover your own style and your own approach to things, and above all, embrace what you find.

To end this week here are a few favourite Pawsh articles from the archives for you to revisit:

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If you’ve come across a funny dog quote lately, please leave them in the comments! We would love to see! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xo

{Photography by Posh Pets Photography}