Toronto-Posh-Pets-Photography-27a copyHappy Monday ladies and gents! How was your weekend? Nothing short of fantastic and memorable I hope!

Things have been very busy around the Pawsh neck of the woods lately. Not only am I busy editing photoshoots, editing copy and brainstorming layouts for our upcoming edition of Pawsh Magazine (scheduled for release October 21st by the way), but I’m also organizing content for the soon to arrive holiday months and working on Pawsh Studio’s web page. Phew!

Sometimes, I get intimidated by the idea of change and overwhelmed when I decide to try something new or take on a new challenge here at Pawsh. But then I think of our canine companions and how they always naturally put their best paw forward, whether running after a tennis ball, chasing a pesky squirrel or nimbly trying to jump onto the bed without waking anybody up.

So with a few deep breaths, an endless supply of tea and a stash of emergency chocolate safely tucked away in my desk drawer, I’ll be diving head first into the next chapter of Pawsh this week — and posting updates along the way too! Wish me luck! xo

{Photography by Posh Pets Photography}

{NOTE: All dogs featured in our weekly ‘As Dogs Would Say’ column are available for adoption through Toronto Animal Services North. Please visit share this post to help bring awareness to the countless animals in need of loving homes.

This week’s featured pup is called Ralph — a one-year-old Pekingese or Pekingnese mix.}