dog-friendly plantsA challenge that many dog parents face is incorporating plants into their home decor that don’t harm pupper. Many indoor plants are toxic to dogs (and cats) and can be extremely dangerous to their health — a tricky business that we had to navigate here at Pawsh when designing our studio office earlier this year. Fortunately, our friends at IKEA Canada have lots of pretty dog-friendly plants plantsThe Monstera Deliciosa, more commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, is a wildly popular houseplant that is easy to care for, simple to propagate and offers gorgeous lush foliage. It’s a showstopper for sure. It’s also a plant we’ve adored for a lifetime and were so excited to bring into the office decor. Unfortunately, it is extremely poisonous to our dog friends, so naturally there went that plan. Until we discovered the FEJKA artificial plant from IKEA! A dog-friendly plants workaround!This gorgeous specimen is 35.5 inches tall and offers wonderfully realistic leaves and lush texture that fill up a space beautifully. The best part is that our two resident studio dogs can nose the leaves around without any fear of being poisoned. And (bonus) it doesn’t drop leaves that need vacuuming up!

We paired our new pretty with a lovely MUSKOT ceramic white plant pot for an added pop of design flair and — voila! We suddenly have a fresh, breezy feeling studio bursting with plant life without the constant worry of our canine sidekicks coming to any harm. Delightful! If you’re looking for a similar dog-friendly decor solution, we can’t recommend the FEJKA enough! Scoop yours up here!