PAWSH-October-Wallpaper-SMALLHappy October! It is the spookiest (and quite possibly cutest!) time of year and to kick things off in proper Halloween-inspired fashion we have an adorable FREE October wallpaper download for you! This wallpaper is meant to bring an extra smile or two to your work day, inspire your own dog-friendly Halloween costume and add an undeniable ‘awwww’ factor to your home office or desk.

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This month’s adorably themed-scene was created by Leida Declet Photography and beautifully embodies the delightful — and frightful — time of year.

About Leida Declet Photography

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Leida started combining her love of photography and animals in her spare time with her faithful beagle sidekick.

It was her beagle’s natural affinity for rolling around to get out of any shirt, sweater or garment that inspired her winning October wallpaper submission. “I thought he would made an excellent half-unwrapped mummy already coming undone,” she says.

Leida dreams of making a difference with her photography and creative eye, specifically in relation to the homeless animal problem that is quite prevalent in Puerto Rico.


If you do download this month’s wallpaper, be sure to Instagram it with the hashtag #pawshwallpaper, as we would love to see this dressed up pup sitting on your computers.

For next month’s wallpaper contest, the theme is ‘Puppy Dog Eyes.’ Follow the link for complete details about how to submit and have your photography featured here on Pawsh!