Pawsh-Magazine-how-do-dogs-playA few weeks ago I made the alarming realization that something terribly important was missing from my dogs`day to day life…

There was a significant lack of play time. Yes, Lucy and Rory get at least two walks a day and a trip to the off-leash dog park almost daily, which is fun, fun, fun for them. But when they are in the house, they are usually sitting still or snoozing while I work.

Yes, there are lots of cuddles throughout the day and all that good stuff, but I realized that if these two little creatures living in my home where children, I was officially the type of parent who never engaged beyond the bare minimum and was too grossly consumed by work.

So I tried an experiment to encourage more playtime in my home. After each morning, lunchtime and evening walk, I get down on the floor and roughhouse with the dogs. And they love it! Both of them get the zoomies, bring me toys to throw and toss and snuggle in for bellyrubs and playful pounces. And then, more often than not, they continue to play on their own which is an adorable sight!

Now 30 minutes of playtime after each walk is the norm — as well as an extra 20-30 when my guy gets home. Not only is it a wonderful way for them to get more attention from us and burn a bit of extra energy, but it is a wonderful way for us all to bond as a little furry family unit. We are also paying extra attention to these 5 ways to reconnect with your dog.

How much time a day do your dogs play — both with and without you? I would love to know so please leave a comment with your story below if you feel like sharing!