Like it or not, the key to many a canine’s heart is through their dinner dish, which means serving straight up kibble night, after night, after night, probably isn’t earning you any brownie points. Enter a brand new title from Phaidon Books, called “Feed Me.” This beautiful hard cover book presents 50 home cooked meals for your dog! Want to have a peek inside? Keep reading!
The first thing that is wonderful about this book is that it was written by a research scientist from the Department of Veterinary Science at Turin University, Italy. Livinia Prola is a doctor of veterinary science and also holds a PhD in animal nutrition. Which means? This book is bursting with healthy meals for your canine! As every pet parent knows, balanced nutrition is crucial for optimal pupster health and can help to prevent a whole slew of health ailments. Imagine having 50 healthy and quick-and-easy recipes for your favourite dining companion right at your finger tips. Well now you can with Feed Me.
In addition to absolutely adorable hand drawn illustrations by Kevin Waldron, this book also offers dog lovers endless tips, tricks and fun facts for what to feed your precious pooch! How certain ingredients effect canine physiology, nutritional breakdowns and even pointers for picky eaters, this book has it all covered and is an absolute joy to flip through as well as put into action.
From fully developed recipes, to portion guidelines, batch preparation and insights into the world of food for dogs, Feed Me is a delicious addition to your canine cooking habits and a beautiful book to add to your shelf.

{Disclaimer: It is important to consult with a certified veterinarian before changing elements of a dog’s diet. This book review does not constitute veterinary advice nor should it be substituted for veterinary direction.}