Yes, yes Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, blah, blah, blah. If we’re being completely honest we’re more into the truest of soulmates in this life — our darling dogs! So to kick off the festivities we’ve rounded up twelve of our favourite fashion forward photoshoots featuring gals and pupsters! Keep reading to see them all!

First up, the effortlessly cool gal who loves embracing eccentric style and flaunting it wherever she goes without even trying! (source)
Here’s to the gal who loves to be spotted out and about as much as her beloved canine sidekick! (source)
To the flashy gal who lives larger than life and loves embracing bright colours throughout her pupper’s life! (source)
For the gal who loves personal grooming — for herself at the salon and for her curly haired floofster! (source)
For the fierce gal who indulges in edginess but also adores puppy snuggles! (source)For the retro gal who loves a fuzzy faux fur texture as much as her doggo’s authentic fluffy coat! (source) For the elegant gal who is also poised, but always eager to have the pitter-patter of little paws by her side! (source)For the gal who understands that sophistication and scruff are a perfect pairing. (source)For the gal who embraces outdoor fun in every season for her dog bestie’s well being! (source) For the ‘crazy dog gal’ who isn’t crazy at all, but just the right blend of heart and hound. (source) For the gal’s who go above and beyond every day for their dogs and their dogs’ best friends! (source) And finally one last shoutout to this exquisite Harper’s Bazaar shoot with Emily Blunt — because we’re totally obsessed! (source)