Dogs are truly fascinating, aren’t they? We can’t get enough of their amazingness (yep, that’s a word!) Today we’ve rounded up six fun things to read about dogs that you might enjoy!

–  A fun and informative Toronto-based program that encourages a safe, compassionate and everlasting bond between your baby and dog. (We’re not crying, you are!)

–  This is what your brain and body does when you hang out with animals. Neat, right?

–  Training a dog at any age can be a tricky business! Here are 127 dog training tips to help!

–  Have an anxious dog? This super cool noise-canceling dog house might help!

–  Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean everyone loves lemonade…

–  These back to school dog toys are adorbs

–  15 easy ways to make your dog’s life happier instantly!

– (BONUS) Asking for a friend, am I right?

What fun things did you read or discover about dogs this month? Let us know in the comments — we’d love to hear!