guide dog trainingMost people wouldn’t think of a dog as being capable of holding down a full time job, but that is the life of a dog guide. Guide dogs provide vital services to those that need their help, and like many other jobs, there is a lot of training required. This is where training schools, like the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides (LFCDG) come in. We chat with experts to learn all about guide dog training and the commitment it requires.


dog halloween costume ideasWhat makes a sensational Halloween costume? It’s ingenuity? It’s originality? Or it’s overall ‘aw’ factor? We think it’s a bit of all three. But thinking up a sensational and memorable canine costume idea can be tricky, which is why we had to share these adorable dog Star Wars Halloween costume ideas with you!



dog friendly halloween costumes

Whenever Halloween rolls around, the excitement rises. The moon is bright, the pumpkin is carved, the house is decorated in true ghoulish fashion. Buckets of candy sit by the door awaiting trick-or-treaters. It looks like it’s going to be a fabulous evening of chills and thrills. Everything is in place for a fun festive time. But just in case you were still wondering what to dress up as this year, we thought we would show off a few dog friendly Halloween costume ideas.  Here are a few extra cute costume inspirations that stole our hearts and are sure to make a statement at any Halloween function.

Candy is Dandy, But Toxic For Pets

By Stephanie Heim
 Halloween is a great time to celebrate the spooky and scary side of life and with so many amusements haunting this festive time of year, like Halloween dances, haunted walks, and hay mazes, it’s hard for us humans not to find something to do. However, human beings aren’t the only ones who can have a little fun when witches and goblins come out to play. Your pets can also enjoy the Halloween spirit with you this year, but as with any celebration it is important to keep safety in mind.

  1. COSTUMES: There are very few things cuter than seeing a dog dressed up as a pig. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when selecting a costume for your pet. First of all, make sure that they enjoy wearing their costume. Trust me, they’ll let you know if they are unhappy so you shouldn’t force that witch’s hat on your cat. The costume also shouldn’t constrict their movements, sight, or breathing and make sure it’s not too tight either. Be careful there are no loose ends on the costume for them to chew on and make sure they don’t overheat as well. If your pet loves the attention that a costume gives and it fits them perfectly, you can find great costumes and even dress up with your pooch, like this! 
  2. SEASONAL COLLARS: Maybe the costume is a bit much for you or your pet, so instead you could always spring for a fun Halloween collar. That way pets can still be seasonally stylish and you still still somewhere to attach their tags so they can be safely returned in case they manage to get loose while trick or treating.
  3. REFLECTIVE GEAR: Another great idea if you want to take your dog out trick-or-treating for a bit is reflective gear. You might think it will ruin their oh-so stylish costume, but safety should always come first and be top priority. On Halloween especially it is important to make sure your pets are as safe as possible and some reflective gear will ensure that they are easily spotted by vehicles as well as any spooky creatures that are afoot. In fact a reflective vest is something that will help keep them safe all year round.
    By Stephanie Heim
  4. CHEW TOYS: A excellent way to keep your pet amused for the night are fun chew toys! There are Halloween themed rubber bones, monster chew toys and even a Thing in a Bag which will amuse your cat for hours. Go ahead! Spoil them rotten!
  5. SAFE TREATS: Much like humans, pets love a little tasty treat on Halloween. However, chocolate and sugar is unsafe for our four-legged friends; although you can find treats that would be both safe and delicious for them. From these ‘Growl-o-ween’ cookies or even just some special treats from your local PetSmart, your pets can have a fun night trick-or-treating too!
  6. SAFETY GATES: Perhaps you would rather keep your pet home for the evening to make sure they are extra safe (which is a very good idea, especially if you own any black cats). Make sure they hang out in a safe area, away from any opening and closing door that they could make a run for when scary visitors coming calling. The sight of people dressed up as goblins and demons may upset some pets and cause them to bolt, so a pet safety gate is a good idea as an extra precaution.
Whether you’re taking your pet along for some good old fashioned fun or enjoying their company at home, there are lots of good ways to treat your pet this Halloween. Have a happy (and safe) Halloween!

By Allison Vorstenbosch