Canine Calling Cards

Good manners are something we try to impart to our lovable pooches from the moment we bring them home, so why not introduce a bit of etiquette to their day-to-day antics as well? These bright citrus calling cards from Fire Hydrant Press are just the ticket!

Order a set of 20 fully customizable calling cards and start filling up your pup’s calendar with play dates galore! Not only is this an adorable way to say, ‘Hey! Let’s play!” but these 3.5″ x 2″ cards are actually designed by you! Simply pick the graphic (to reflect your dog’s breed), the ink colour, the saying and the font and volia! You’re all set!

Mmmm! Greetings!

Courtesy of Crunchkins
A pet’s life is filled with special and sentimental occasions; their first day home, their first bath, their first vet visit, birthdays, trips to the dog park, the list goes on and on! Often times it can be tricky to know what to get them on their super special day, so one safe bet is a pretty little card.  But not just any card! An edible card from Crunchkins!

That’s right, Crunchkins are lovely sweet cards that taste delicious; although we’re relying on our canine team members for the ‘delicious’ comment. Developed by a seasoned veterinarian with over 25 years of experience, these heartfelt works of art simultaneously cater to the emotional bond between owner and pet, while giving your cat or dog a tasty treat!

The edible dog cards are made of flat thinly pressed rawhide which is then imprinted with non-toxic ink. The ‘Purr-fect Greetings’ line intended specifically for cats comes with a fun catnip toy! Whoever said that cards were forgotten about once given obviously wasn’t acquainted with the creations of Crunchkins — sweetness delivered in a savoury bite!

Please Help Boston!

Photo by Laura L. Benn
Boston is in trouble. No, we’re not talking about the city, we’re talking about an adorable yellow hound Labrador mix. Boston is a four-year-old goofy fellow who loves children, snores when he sleeps, and is happiest when around people. Presently in the care of Friendly Giants Dog Rescue (FGDR) after being carelessly abandoned by his former family, Boston was recently diagnosed with Luxating Patella. In order to live a pain free life he requires surgery; a surgery that will cost approximately $3000.
FGDR has vowed to provide Boston with whatever medical care he requires, however as a charity any help would be greatly appreciated!  A wonderful retired couple would like to adopt Boston and give him a loving forever home and after all this poor pup has been through he is really looking forward to a family that will cherish him always.
Photo by Laura L. Benn
Boston will be kept on pain medication until his surgery can be afforded.  Please, if you can help in any way with the funding of Boston’s greatly needed surgery, it would be forever appreciated. Even if you can spare a few dollars, every little bit will help this affectionate cuddly dog live the pain free life he deserves.
Donations can be made to FGDR as follows:

1) An email bank transfer made to friendlygiantsdogrescue@gmail.com
2) By cheque made payable to Friendly Giants Dog Rescue and sent to 2477 Yorks Corners Road, Edwards, ON K0A 1V0.

Weenis: Pet of the Week

We have been receiving so many wonderful emails and photographs from you, our lovely readers, that we decided to increase the fun to keep up! Throughout March we will be announcing a Pet of the Week every Thursday!

Our first weekly furball is an eight-year-old black cat called Weenis, who more commonly goes by the nickname Weenie-Bean. How did he get such a unique name? Well, he was wee as a kitten of course; although you wouldn’t be able to tell now! A chill and relaxed sort of guy, Weenis’ favourite past-time is snoozing wherever there is a comfortable spot. Look out people, he makes cat-napping a serious marathon sport! Thanks to Chris for sending in this photograph!

Would you like to see your furry friend photograph on our website for all to see? Please show us their cuteness and send us a photograph! Email us at info@pawsh-magazine.com!

Pillow Talk

Looking for something to spruce up your pet’s nap time? Then a luxury bed from Oscar & Lulu is most definitely in order! Not only do these soft, plushy pillow beds provide your pet with optimal comfort, but they also complement any home interior! Boasting classic, timeless designs and hand-picked fabrics from all over the globe, these Australian made beauties offer durability and style! We love the Chelsea range beds for their elegance and sophistication.