The Puppies Are Here!

Big news from Hopeful Hearts Rescue! A few weeks ago a beautiful (and very pregnant) hound-mix by the name of Daisy-Mae was found abandoned. Well, we are pleased to announce that she safely delivered nine gorgeous, healthy little puppies! Each of the young whipper-snappers has been named in memory of a Hopeful Hearts dog that passed away in 2010. The puppy above was named after Phantom, who you may remember passed away suddenly after suffering an accidental fall. Please take a moment to visit the rest of this post and meet all the pups, keeping in mind that each of these babes will need a loving forever home very shortly.








Mai Tai
We invite you to please leave your comments and congratulations to Hopeful Hearts and Miss Daisy-Mae below. After all, the arrival of puppies is a joyous event that should be celebrated!

PB & Nails?

By Shirley Bittner

We all know that peanut butter and jam are meant to be together, but who knew this common household spread worked wonders with a pair of nail clippers too? This has got to be one of the most innovative tricks for trimming a dog’s nails we’ve ever seen!

The trick? When Fido needs his next manicure, grab your trusty jar of peanut butter and smear some on your refrigerator door. Your pup will instantly be attracted to the sight of delicious nutty flavour readily available at his level, and while he’s busy licking it up you are free to zip around and trim his nails! Brilliant!

By Shirley Bittner

It is important that a dog remains calm when having his nails tended to, as one small slip can result in a painful experience. So a nutty distraction is a great way to direct his attention away from his paws and create positive association with the whole process. Plus, your fridge will be nice and clean too!

Cupboard Love

We at Pawsh would like to share with you our favourite Valentine’s pet items for 2011, and this is what our own Kevin Mogk decided was best for his special girl, Cinder.

To win over Cinder’s heart on Valentine’s, I appeal to the Labrador in her. Just like men, Labs can be wooed through their stomachs, so I decided to whip up a batch of homemade dog cookies for the both of us to chow down on. I found this easy-breezy plain dog cookie recipe and Cinder was nuts for them!

(Makes 16 biscuits)
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
2 cups whole wheat flour
3 tablespoons wheat germ

Preheat oven to 350. Beat eggs together. Add wheat germ and milk, stirring until smooth. Add whole wheat flour and mixture into the eggs and combine with your hands (please note, paws are not useful for this procedure). Pat dough into a rectangular shape, then cut into 3/4 inch pieces (obviously, in the Valentine’s spirit, a heart shaped cookie cutter is necessary at this point). Place about an inch apart on a baking sheet. Bake for 25 minutes, then flip cookies over and bake other side for an additional 25 minutes. Cool biscuits on racks and gobble up with delight! *Drooling may be a kitchen concern when making these scrumptious treats.

By Kevin Mogk

January 2011 Pet of the Month!

Congratulations Tucker! A dashing young man of eight and a half years old, this lovely Border Collie knows how to live with style and charisma. A huge fan of New Year’s, he kicked off 2011 properly with a top hat and lots of excitement, believing that a new year should commence with joy.  Embodying the true spirit of January, he is now officially Pet of the Month for January 2011! Keep reading to learn more about this month’s winner!

Pet Parent:
Diane Israel

How Did Tucker Come Into Your Life?
He was a gift from my husband. I had always wanted a Border Collie to teach agility, herding and compete in competitions with. However, none of that ever happened. When he was only six-months-old, we found out Tucker had hip dysplasia. I contacted the breeder for advice, who said she would exchange Tuck for another puppy, but I replied that she needed her head examined. Tucker was part of the family, whom I loved dearly! After his surgery I began teaching him tricks and a few months later he passed his CGC test and became a certified therapy dog. He is a tremendous hit whenever we go visiting and he always enjoys meeting new people. There is not enough time or words to describe how much Tucker means to us and everyone who meets him. He is one of a kind!

Favourite Winter Thing: 
Outdoor time!

Favourite Game:
Oh, it’s gotta be Frisbee or ball!

Favourite Toy:
All sorts, especially the sqeaky ones.

Favourite Trick:
Stacking baby rings in the correct order.

Favourite Holiday:
Christmas! He dresses up as “Tucker Claus” and visits people, spreading Christmas cheer!

If Tucker were a human, his profession would be….
Something where he would be helping people forget their problems for a while and have fun!

January may be over, but February is now here! If you would like to nominate a pet pal for next month’s “Pet of the Month” contest, please email a photo to info@pawsh-magazine.com!

Valentine’s Giveaway!

The month of celebrating love is finally here and for a bit of fun, as well as a way to say thanks to you, our lovely readers, we thought we’d throw an oh-so stylish Valentine’s Giveaway Contest!

The kind folks at WAG: A Posh Shop For Spoiled Pets generously donated this lovely heart-filled goody box as our V-day prize! What’s in store for the lucky winner? A ravishing “Be Mine” ball, an organic wheat biscuit slathered in decadent yogurt, a beautiful and durable Zanie’s Sugar Pie squeak toy, a package of organic original pepperoni Wild Bites treats, and an adorable card for that special furry someone in your life (which we think would look great in a frame). Can you say spoiled?

For your chance to win, simply post a photograph of you and your pet together on our Facebook page and get your friends to vote on it! The photograph with the most votes by February 10th WINS and will have this pretty package mailed to their front door! What luxury!

So what are you waiting for? Photo, post and vote!