dog gamesIn the past Pawsh has run articles about couch potato cures for your dog, fun games to play with pups on rainy days and how to keep boredom at bay. Today I am pleased to be adding to that collection of wellness-conscious work, because I have discovered a new way to keep Rory entertained while I enjoy a little bit of relaxation at the same time. It is a super simple game to play with your dog.

This summer I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance — an uplifting show about evoking emotion and inspiration through the power of movement (do you watch? I am totally addicted! And yes, I dance with my dog.) I would race home from work once a week, grab dinner on the way and settle in on the couch for the invigorating two hour episodes. Yet as much as I enjoyed my program and an opportunity to sit still for a little while, I felt bad that all poor Rory had to do was sleep. So, I invented a game!

Every commercial break, I get up from the couch and play chase with her! “Let’s go, let’s go!” I sing to my somewhat confused pup, dancing around excitedly. “I’m going to get you!” She quickly catches onto what I am after and we spend a wonderful five minutes or so running around the apartment. Then when the program returns, I’ll say, “Settle down,” and we sit back on the couch until the next break.

Needless to say, it has become a wonderful little habit and one that makes watching tv together a memorable and engaging experience. I’ve even found that muting the commercials alerts Rory to the fact that a game is afoot! I’ll turn the sound off, her tale will start to wag and I’ll say, “Ready? Ready Rory?” Then we’re off! It feels amazing to be able to put my feet up after a busy day and still fit in extra playtime with my gal!

Have you invented any games for your furkids? I’d love to hear all about them!