stylish-dog-magazine-poodlesOver the years I have been lucky enough to interview a variety of dog trainers and behaviourists and a common thread of wisdom that I gleaned from these conversations is that dogs thrive on structure and routine. So recently, I created this little dog-friendly ritual…

At the end of the day when I’m getting ready for bed I take off my socks and toss one to each pup to catch, which they do oh-so gleefully! I know, I know, this sounds a little odd, but it is a fun, simple activity that has over time taught Rory and Lucy that the day is winding down.

They sit patiently and wait for their toss. Then they roll around on the rug for a moment and maybe play a quick game of chase before happily bounding away to their beds for a good night’s sleep (without the socks — I can’t have them chewing those!)

Don’t ask me how this little routine started, but it is a sweet way to wrap up an evening and something the dogs seem to look forward to. It is a final little play session for the day then off to bed for some sweet dreams!

What daily rituals do you have with your fur-kids? I would love to know!

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