san diego dog photographer 3It’s been a while since we’ve featured a pretty pet photo session here on the blog, so today I am pleased to share a gorgeous beach shoot by San Diego pet photographer Allison Shamrell. Keep reading for lovely images of furry toes frolicking in a sandy paradise.
3 san diego dog art 4 What did you love most about this particular pet session Allison?
This session was especially fun for me because of the sweet dogs & gorgeous location. Tux and Lily are schnoodles that absolutely love going out on their parents’ boat – and who could possibly blame them?

san diego pet photography 5 san-diego-dog-photographer-1 san-diego-dog-photographer-44We sped across the water for a while before disembarking on a pristine white sand beach to play fetch and chase the birds. You just had to say “okay” and Lily was sprinting across the sand toward the nearest flock of birds that dared to be on our beach, while Tux was pretty much a constant blur running back & forth from his parents to the water to his favorite stick!

It was an absolutely beautiful morning, in more ways than one, and my memories from this session are a great reminder that I have the best job in the world!

san diego dog photographer 5


Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo session Allison! It makes me want my own of Rory and I at one of Toronto’s pretty beaches. Be sure to visit Allison’s website for more adorable photos!