green-feederDoes your dog eat really really quickly? Sometimes Rory wolfs down her dinner so quickly that she’ll come bolting into the living room or wherever my guy and I are, pause, look at us and throw up all over the floor. And not to get too graphic or anything, but most of the time she upchucks full pieces of kibble. She hasn’t even chewed her food!

Fortunately for hungry pups and home decor lovers alike, Northmate has invented GREEN. This innovative eating surface offers uneven levels wherein kibble can be hidden. When your dog dives in to chow down, they are forced to nibble and consume slowly.

I imagine GREEN makes dinnertime something of a game for dogs. Northmate’s working philosophy is to help pets rediscover their natural instincts so they can be happier. GREEN allows pets to forage and ‘hunt’ for their supper on a daily basis, which provides mental stimulation and enhances their senses.

GREEN can be used indoors and outside and can be popped into the dishwater when it needs to be cleaned. Nifty!

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