how-to-keep-dogs-cool-1-WMIn July we experienced a massive heat wave here in Toronto with temperatures reaching 30 degrees C (although with the humidex it felt more like 38 degrees C). Although we’ve already talked about 6 ways to keep your dog cool in the summer heat, here are a few more things you can do to keep your pets comfortable and safe when the mercury rises.

1. Buy a kiddie pool — whether you set this up on your balcony, in your backyard or at your neighbourhood park, a kiddie pool filled with water is an easy (and affordable) way to let your pups cool off. Be sure to set it up in the shade so it doesn’t get too warm.

2. Check for water — even when it is very hot, our dogs still need to exercise, so if you do take them to the park for a run and a sniff around make sure it has water on site or bring your own water bottle to keep Fido hydrated.

3. Play in the shade — again, a quick dog park tip, find an area that is covered with shade so that your pup can tussle and play without overexerting themselves.

4. Walk on grass — concrete retains heat and gets VERY hot and uncomfortable under little paws, so when out walking with your dog — even if at dusk — opt for residential routes so your dog can walk along front lawns and cooler grassy verges. They will thank you for it!
how-to-keep-dogs-cool-2-pawsh-magazine-WM5. Wet a blanket — if you don’t have air conditioning and can’t get to a friend’s place, consider wetting a towel or blanket with cool water for your dog. Place it on the floor (hopefully you have tile or wooden floors and not carpet) and encourage your dog to lie on it. They may not stay put permanently on the towel, but chances are they will stand on it or even roll around on it to cool off.

6. Frozen treats — enjoying a few frozen goodies can help bring down your dog’s body temperature to help prevent overheating. Make sure you have icecubes, frozen fruit or these easy, frozen dog treats on hand in your freezer to whip out for a cool treat.

7. Pretend bathtime — popping your pup in the tub for a quick cool down rinse can work wonders and help them feel energized once again. (If your dog doesn’t love the bath, consider these 6 tips for making doggie bathtime a blast!)

8. Adjust fans to dog level — leaving a fan on in a room may be well and good for us humans, but it won’t always reach a dog, especially if you have a little one. So be sure to set the fan up in such a way that it reaches your dog. For example, Rory is quite small (about 15 lbs) so I set up the big floor fan in the bedroom so that it can sweep across the bed. Rory can then snooze up there are chill.
how-to-keep-dogs-cool-3-pawsh-magazine-WM9. Keep games low energy — I know we just discussed how to make a trip to the dog park more comfortable in the heat for our dogs, but I always recommend listening to one’s inner voice. If you aren’t comfortable making the play date outside when it’s a scorcher, don’t! Instead opt for low-energy, high-involvement games. The ‘hide the toy in blankets’ game is a good standby, as it tug-of-war and catch. All of these activities engage your dog without risking overexertion when played in a cool environment.

10. Nap during the day — it sounds silly, but napping can help keep a body temperature better regulated and napping during the day means you’ll miss the most extreme heat hours. If you can, encourage nap time with your pupster and keep them still so they can miss the worst of the heat. Then, when siesta time is over and nighttime comes, consider taking them outside.

Keep cool everyone! xo

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