dog-treat-recipe-peanut-butter-and-jam-freeziesIt has been a rather sweltering few days here in Toronto, which means a little bit of innovation has been called for in the kitchen to keep pups cool. Peanut butter and jam is one of those classic food pairings that everybody absolutely adores, so I set to work concocting an easy, three ingredient recipe that would mimic those flavours for dogs. 

What you need:

  • about 12 medium to large strawberries (organic is preferable)
  • 3-4 spoonfuls of all-natural peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup of cold water


1. Wash strawberries and remove tops.
2. Blend strawberries and water together until pureed.
3. Fill the empty slots of an ice cube tray approximately 3/4.
4. Gently place a small, yet generous dollop of peanut butter onto each filled ice cube tray slot. (NOTE: You want to be sure that the peanut butter sinks INTO the strawberry liquid, not just rests on top).
5. Place tray in freezer for several hours and allow to freeze.
6. Pop, serve and chill!
dog-treat-recipe-peanut-butter-and-jam-2 dog-treat-recipe-peanut-butter-and-jam-3
The frozen layers add interest to this treat, meaning they should keep your pup occupied and engaged for a little longer than usual. The peanut butter offers a punch of much-needed protein while the strawberries deliver some lovely fruity flavour.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind with this treat is that the strawberry can stain, so be sure to treat your pup when they are not sitting on your all white sofa or expensive rug. Enjoy!

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