Pawsh-Magazine-Dog-leash-mannersTaking your dog for a walk seems like a no-brainer — it’s a good thing to do. But did you know that teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash benefits them physically, mentally and emotionally? Here’s the scoop…Pawsh-magazine-dog-leash-manners-2 Physical benefits of dog leash manners
The physical benefits of indulging in a lovely leashed walk are pretty straight forward; your dog gets to go out and about in the world in a safe manner, they burn some calories, they sniff a few intriguing smells and their little bodies get a workout.

Walking politely on a leash, however, also keeps your dog safe. If a dog is pulling wildly on leash, he runs the risk of injuring his neck or spine, eating things he shouldn’t off the street before you can get to him, tangling up other pedestrians and potentially getting stepped on. Not to mention as well that dogs who bolt like crazy to the end of their leashes and pull forcefully can run a higher risk of darting off a sidewalk and into a busy street.

All of these, of course, are very dangerous behaviours. Thus, teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash is overall better for their well-being.
Pawsh-Magazine-Dog-Leash-Manners-3 Pawsh-Magazine-dog-leash-manners-4Mental benefits of dog leash manners
Walking nicely on a leash takes a lot of training for a dog to master, which means this exercise requires a great deal of focus. Essentially, it is a regular workout for their doggy brains! Learning how to sit at crosswalks before proceeding, keeping to their walkers’ side and not straining on the leash requires that your dog pay close attention and practice their command recalls. In other words, leash manners provide a mental workout!

Being out for a leashed walk also offers regular socializing opportunities for your pupster, which is another important aspect of mental well being for them.
Pawsh-magazine-dog-leash-manners-5Emotional benefits of dog leash manners
Walking with your dog is a wonderful bonding activity for you and your canine sidekick. Dogs crave leadership and teaching your dog how to walk politely on their leash with you helps to establish a loving hierarchy between dog and person that your dog will look up to. This activity teaches respect and good manners.

Walking your dog regularly on leash also creates more time that you can spend together, thus naturally improving your relationship. Pawsh-magazine-dog-leash-manners-6While you are bound to get a little tangled from time to time while teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash, the physical, mental and emotional benefits of good leash manners are more than worth the training time.

{Huge thanks to my incredible friend and talented artist Tonya Pet Photography for photographing this vibrant installment of the “Pet Wellness” column. Be sure to visit her fantastic website for all sorts of other fun pet shoots!}

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