Dogs love to learn new things and if they’re anything like my fur monsters, they love to show off the things they learn in exchange for delicious treats! One of the most popular party tricks of all time for an eager dog is the classic go-to crowd-pleasing ‘Sit Pretty’ performance. But how do you teach this? We have a few tips for you!

For the purpose of this article, we’re assuming that your dear dog already knows how to sit on command. Yes? Great!

Ask your dog for a simple “SIT.” Once completed, gently take both of your dog’s paws in your hand and say “SIT PRETTY,” then promptly reward with a juicy homemade dog treat! This step will need to be repeated many many times to get your dog comfortable and confident in having both of their paws off of the ground.

Progress from Step 2 to gently releasing your pup’s paws and saying “SIT PRETTY,” then rewarding with a healthy dog-friendly human food treat! Over time extend the amount of time between letting go of your dog’s paws and giving the treat so they learn how to balance!

(Be sure not to ask your dog to stay balancing for extreme periods of time — 10 seconds maximum is usually comfortable.

Eventually your clever canine will be balancing all on their own and wowing your friends!


{Special thanks to Ice our adorable dog model! Photography by Gooseberry Studios.}