dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-1 Valentine’s Day is nearly here and there is nothing quite like telling the one you love how much you adore them (and the furkids). We’ve rounded up 12 adorable dog themed Valentine’s Day cards so you can do just that this year!

Above, this little stripey dude combines amour and style. Card from Leveret Paparie.
dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-2“Boop!” is the universal sound of true love, which anyone who has ever experienced a wet nose on their cheek understands. You can explain it to your true love with this card from Wonderflies.
dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-3The ideal card for those who love to do everything together from brunching, to strolling, to any sort of home reno project, from Allison and Cam.dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-4

Doxie lovers and long term relationships alike will get a giggle from this vibrant card from Queenie’s Cards.


Because honesty is the important thing in any relationship (and this case, uber cute too!) Your honey will understand. Card from Marry Grams.

dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-6A darling dog card that is simple and sweet, because sometimes words aren’t needed, from Artwork by AK.

dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-7A doodle dog sometimes says it best, because even a squiggly lined dog means the world! Card by Rosie Wonders.


For a little ooh-la-la and sophistication, you can’t go wrong with a French Poodle card from Papyrus.


A kinder kind of honesty that anyone in a relationship who shares their home with a dog totally gets. Card from Purple Tree Designs UK.


Because puppy kisses are always the best (sorry guys!) from Ink Pug.

dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-11Because you really do like waking up next to your sweetie — and your one or two or three dogs too! Card by Tiff Bits.

dog-valentines-day-cards-dog-magazine-12And last but not least, an appropriate card for those couples who are under no delusions about their status in a dog-friendly home by Lucy Maggie Designs.

Which humourous Valentine’s Day card would you choose for your sweetheart? Or leave a link to your favourite cards below in the comments too!




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There is a new dog leash in town and it is making quite an impression in the dog community. The RuffGrip® leash is here and is far beyond ‘just another leash.’ It is practically and thoughtfully designed, comfortable to use and symbolizes the strong bond between dog and owner – literally! Here is what we love about this new product.

REASON #1: RuffGrip® is super duper durable

toronto dog blog

Constructed from non-slip, lightweight grip, rubberized woven nylon this leash is all kinds of durable! Not only does it deter chewing (for those dogs who insist on using their leash as a substitute tug-of-war toy), but it also handles all sorts of weather conditions, which, as all of you fellow Canadians will appreciate, is a major plus!

According to the RuffGrip® website, “South African security teams in Iraq use the leash in 135o temperature and fine sand. Alaskan rescue teams use it in the coldest weather.”

REASON #2: RuffGrip® has excellent grip

toronto dog blog

Little leather ‘stops’ are strategically placed at six-inch intervals along the length of the leash, offering pet parents an easier and steadier grip. When walking Rory on previous leashes I always physically tied knots throughout it; should the leash slide through my grip one of the knots could stop it breaking free from my hand completely. The RuffGrip® leash, however, adds this little feature in automatically which makes a big difference.

REASON #3: RuffGrip® is great for kids

toronto dog blogThis product has earned all sorts of recognition for helping children to handle pets on a leash (with proper parental supervision, of course). The brand earned 4.7 stars from the Parent Tested Parent Approved Awards and is noted to help children better assume a role of responsibility in caring for their canine family members.

This new leash checks all the must-have boxes on our list and is now one of our go-to leashes for long walks through our lovely city!




dog-fathers-day-gift-guide-0We love, love, love to celebrate dog dads, but sometimes they can be hard to shop for. So to help surprise the the dog guy in your life this Father’s Day we’ve rounded up some our favourite for him products! Take a peek! dog father's day gift guide ideasA sassy apron for the dog dad who loves cooking in general, but especially enjoys whipping up some tasty homemade dog treat recipes for his best furry friend! One size fits all and available from Cool Aprons (of course!)dog father's day gift guide ideas dog father's day gift guide ideas dog father's day gift guide ideasCustom canine cufflinks that sport his favourite breed silhouette, ideal for the dog guy who loves dressing up!
dog father's day gift guide ideas dog father's day gift guide ideas dog father's day gift guide ideasA super cool minimalist paper wallet that is WASHABLE and eco-friendly! Not only will this look fantastically stylish in his pocket, but it helps the environment too which any animal lover will appreciate! And we love that it is made in Canada too by designer Sidonie Yang!dog father's day gift guide ideas

A beautiful book called “Free Days With George: Learning Life’s Little Lessons From One Very Big Dog.” Not only is this book all about the real life bond between a man and his dog, but its narrative style will transport the reader back to boyhood as well, capturing the wonder and uniqueness of a canine best friendship. Moving, memorable and just plain good! It may even a bring a tear to your guy’s eye!dog father's day gift guide ideasNew footwear makes a fantastic gift because it elevates his wardrobe and makes walks with Fido all the more enjoyable!
dog father's day gift guide ideasA mug that says “The Dog Father” — enough said. It works on many levels.dog father's day gift guide ideasA luxurious Manly Man Soap Set from Rocky Top Soap Shop. These burly bars are handmade with all natural products and they are 100% vegan! Plus they are gentle on the skin and NOT tested on animals (we asked!)

Happy Father’s Day to all the dog dads out there! Which of these gift suggestions do you like the best? And what are you planning on surprising the dog dad in your life with? We would love to know!

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stylish dog mugsUnlike our dogs, we more often than not (okay, always!) need a jolt of good old-fashioned coffee to get going in the morning. Here are eight of our current favourite coffee mugs for dog lovers, starting with this precious pretty above from Kosta!
stylish dog mugsFor the mutt lover who adores a shaggy coat and a pop of colour this 11oz lovely from The McCartneys Dogs is sure to make an impression in the kitchen. stylish dog mugsFor the playful pet parent, a mug that oozes quirky charm and colourful characters! This pretty design from Sarah Green will put just as much bounce in your step as the coffee beans brewed within it!stylish dog mugsA mug that speaks a beautiful truth and will bring a smile to your lips each and every morning. Get yours at this adorable Etsy shop called The Squeaky Egg! stylish dog mugsTo be perfectly honest this sweet little mug looks like it needs a new home and it could easily become a cherished favourite in the Pawsh office. It is fine bone china (which my British heritage demands for a ‘proper cup of tea,’ as my grandmother would say) and it is simple, pretty and too cute for words. Designed by JinDesignsShop.stylish dog mugsDoes anything more need to be said? Just add coffee and life is pretty much perfection! Highest compliments to the fine folks at Creative Index.
stylish dog mugsCute, cute, cute! Ideal for the dog lover who never grew up (or who refuses to grow up!) A bit of childhood charm in a grown up sized mug, designed by a fantastic Canadian artisan called The White Teacup.stylish dog mugsAnd last but not least a little oddball mug that steals hearts! Designed by Steph Donnelly.

{PAWSH Perk} More fine bone china mugs for dog lovers with a favourite breed!