Pawsh-dog-friendly-human-foodBeware! The trick-or-treaters are coming soon! To help your dog feel a part of the fun — and to spoil canine trick-or-treaters who may come wagging at your door — consider these 5 dog-friendly human foods, each bursting with nutritional value and easy to wrap up for your furry visitors.

APPLESPawsh-apples-for-dogs Apples are a wonderfully nutritious dog treat. They offer a satisfying crunch, are cheap to buy and don’t stink up the house! Plus they are bursting with Vitamin A and K, as well as calcium and have actually been shown to help improve doggy-breath. Fantastic, yes?

Nobody liked ‘that’ house that handed out plain old apples at Halloween instead of a candy bar, but visiting dogs will LOVE it. Just be sure to core and remove apple seeds before serving, as these can be choking hazards and bad for pupsters.

Suggested dog treat recipe: Apple oatmeal dog treats

Pawsh-green-beans-for-dogsWhether served raw (washed, of course), steamed or even frozen, the dog who gets green beans as a snack will make all other dogs green with envy! These little beauties are very low-calorie — perfect for the pooch who is watching their waistline — and a tremendous source of fibre. Green beans are also filled with all sorts of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Serve on their own one at a time or chopped up and mixed in with the evening meal. The possibilities are endless!

STRAWBERRIESPawsh-strawberries-for-dogsI dare you to find a pup — or a person — who doesn’t love the juicy sweetness of fresh strawberries. However, this is a dog-friendly human food that should be served in moderation. Due to the fact that strawberries contain a high level of natural sugar, too many of this ruby red fruit can actually upset a dog’s stomach. So think of these nutrient packed gems as a very special treat to be doled out one at a time every so often.

POPCORNPawsh-popcorn-for-dogsMy dog, Rory, absolutely adores popcorn. She will even sit patiently by the stove listening to it pop away, her little tail wagging in anticipation. When treating your dog to popcorn, however, it is important to remember that it should be served up all-naturally. This means no butter, no salt and no fancy spices sprinkled on top.

Popcorn is known for containing potassium and calcium, which helps keep bones nice and strong. It is also low-cal when prepared au natural (which is better for you too!)

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Pawsh-pumpkins-for-dogsLast but not least, we cannot forget about pumpkins, especially during this spooky time of year. Although this might not sound particularly appetizing, pumpkin served in moderation is great for counteracting diarrhea and other bowel issues in dogs! Add a couple of tablespoons of pumpkin to your favourite homemade dog treat recipe or into your dog’s dinner dish to help keep things moving.

Suggested dog treat recipe: Add a couple of tablespoons of pumpkin to Sweet Potato Nothings for an extra burst of healthy flavour.

{Huge thanks to my incredible friend and talented artist Tonya Pet Photography for photographing this delicious installment of the “Pet Wellness” column.}


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