Pawsh-Magazine-How-to-save-money-on-your-pet-2 We all want to treat our pets to the very best care, goodies and fun, but sometimes (especially in this economy) pet owners need to be mindful of budgets. Here are five easy ways to spoil your dog without breaking the bank or sacrificing goodies!

1. Divide and conquer
Typically, larger bags of kibble are less expensive per volume unit. Instead of buying an individual smaller bag of kibble each month, try purchasing a single larger bag of food. Divide the large bag into smaller, air tight containers and save a few pennies each month.

You can use simple plastic containers for storage or choose from any number of stylish dog food canisters that will look smashing in your kitchen, pantry or hallway.

2. Swap out the fun
We all like to spoil our pupsters with lots of fun toys, but the adorable collection of plush toys, chew toys and bouncy balls can start to add up in price. And at the end of the day, our dogs rarely play with all of them.

So roundup your best friends and their furkids, bring along your gently used toys and a few tasty snacks and have a toy swap party! Not only will your dogs get an afternoon of socializing, but they will go home with a bag of new goodies – they don’t need to know they are second hand.
Pawsh-Magazine-How-to-save-money-on-your-pet-13. Cover up!
Often when it comes time to replace your dog’s bed, it is a matter of looking dingy, stained and rather dishevelled. Usually, however, the actual pillow base is in good form. So, wander over to your local fabric shop and find some durable, pretty new threads to recover your old dog bed with. Suddenly, it is brand new at half the cost.

4. Run, run as fast as you can
When the new year hits, many pet parents decide that it is high-time to join a gym. But instead of doling out membership fees, why not invest in your own independent running regime with your favourite canine pal? All it will cost you is a pair of new sneakers and the same amount of time you would have spent at the gym. Plus, bonus, you will get to exercise your dog and spend more time with them.
Pawsh-Magazine-How-to-save-money-on-your-pet-35. Treat ya self
Dog treats are a must in the world of pet parenthood, but if you’re looking to save a few pennies in the new year why not consider baking your own wholesome goodies? The benefit of baking treats at home is that you can make them in bulk and reduce cost.

Some easy dog treat recipes to keep in mind are:


{As always huge thanks to my fabulous friend and talented artist Tonya Pet Photography for photographing this vibrant installment of the “Pet Wellness” column. Be sure to visit her fantastic website for all sorts of other fun pet shoots! Her work is awesome!}

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