Pet-Wellness-Bathroom-Safety-Pawsh-MagazineWe all know why it is important to pet-proof our homes, but here are five bathroom dangers for pets that you may not have considered…

1)  Open garbage
Most people consider garbage to only be of interest to curious puppies when in actual fact it appeals to canines of all ages. Even a dog who has never expressed any sort of attraction to your bathroom garbage can surprise you by one day deciding to entertain themselves with it. Tissue, floss, Q-tips and other common bathroom items can cause major damage to your dog if ingested. So spring for a garbage can with proper lid just to be on the safe side.

2)  Medications
Be sure to keep all medical items locked away in a secure medicine cabinet and not left out and about on the counter for curious noses to discover. Just like small children, dogs are notorious for putting everything in their mouths and swallowing a few errant pills can cause severe health problems or worse. Common household medications including Tylenol, Advil and birth control pills can be poison to pets if consumed.
Pet-Wellness-Bathroom-Safety-Pawsh-Magazine-33) Keep bathtub sides clean
It may be tempting to leave a bar of soap, a bottle of scented bubble bath or your razor on the side of the tub, but these everyday items, if discovered by your dog, can be lethal. Opt for a shower organizer instead to play it safe and prevent your dog from giving into temptation. Also be sure to keep all other bath and cleaning products out of harm’s way.

4) Bathroom appliances
Hair straighteners, curling irons and electric razors can be dangerous for pets if not kept out of their reach. A dog can easily burn their nose on a cooling hair straightener as such devices can heat up to 400 degrees! Be mindful of where your pet is while these appliances are in use and once again keep them a safe distance away.

Pet-Wellness-Bathroom-Safety-Pawsh-Magazine-45) Slippery floors
Sometimes after a long hot shower your bathroom can become covered in condensation and moisture causing floors to become slippery. Be sure to keep your pet calm and steady should they be present when the room is in this condition as hyper behaviour can potentially result in a nasty slip or injury.
So remember, keep an eye out for these everyday hazards and keep you pup to their own little restroom — such as the hydrant on the street.



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Pawsh-Calendar-January-2014-550This winter let’s keep busy and active with our dogs! While the frigid weather may make hibernating under a blanket all season very tempting indeed, it is important to get out and about and do our best to enrich our pet’s lives.

This month let’s try new things! Let’s bake, set goals, reconnect with old friends and frolic outdoors to make this otherwise dreary chilly month warm with fun memories.

calendar-button copy
If you partake in any of these suggested activities, share your experiences on Instagram with the hashtag #Pawshplans. Rory and I will be doing the same and I’d love to see your pups having fun and games too!

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1 - January - 1Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a sensational holiday season! It was certainly eventful around here. Toronto had an icestorm that resulted in all sorts of power outages and chaos. A huge branch came down and crushed a parked car on my street! But once all of that settled down, the coziness of the holidays returned.

And now we are beginning a brand new, fresh-faced year and I couldn’t be more excited! I love the first week of January, day-dreaming about what the year might hold, coming back to work refreshed and finally tackling new projects.

While I also love making resolutions, I’ve decided this year to instead make Pawsh promises to myself, to you and to our furry friends. Promises for improvement, for growth and for more fun — and here they are…

This year I promise to produce a minimum of three amazing issues of Pawsh Magazine. The magazine will be undergoing a redesign, it will showcase new features and each issue will be bigger and fuller than ever! The first 2014 edition will come out on March 1st.

While reflecting over the holidays I realized that I really want to refine and project Pawsh Magazine‘s voice so that we can offer even more great, original content to help pets all over the world have the best lives possible.

After much debate, I have decided to suspend the Pet of the Month column this year. It’s not that I don’t love it — I do! But I would like to start running giveaways that everyone can enter have a chance to win as a thank you for the time you take each day to visit the site. So keep an eye out — there are some fabulous items headed your way each and every month this year! Hooray!

Pawsh was born out of a deep love of animals; a love that grows each and every year and remains the focus of everything we are trying to do with this ongoing project. I want to continue that mission and plan to bring more great print products to Pawsh Print Shop, run more Pawsh Studio promotions, and produce more creative projects to promote awareness and raise money for animal welfare issues. Every animal life that is helped or saved makes the world a better place.

Sometimes, while feeling ultra inspired, I can get distracted by new ideas and aspirations. I can spread myself too thin. I can get burnt out. I can feel overwhelmed. This year I promise to retain focus to make Pawsh more dynamic, more consistent and more present. I promise to keep myself grounded in the present, to focus on the task at hand and to work towards my goals one step at a time.

I promise to infuse new life and creativity into the Pawsh blog. There is all sorts of new exciting content in the works for you guys. There is a new, bold editorial calendar in place for the new year to keep things lively and fun.

There is also a brand new monthly newsletter now in place, brimming with exclusive content just for subscribers! Coupons, exclusive Pawsh Studio deals, never-before-seen dog treat recipes and more await! All you have to do is subscribe to it here!  The first edition comes out on Monday!


I hope these promises don’t sound too similar or narrow. My biggest dream for Pawsh is for it to be loved by pet owners of all ages, for it to be a place where we can always share our funny pet stories and learn new ways to care for our furry friends. By making these promises to you here today I am confident that we can have our best year ever here on Pawsh! xo


blanket-id-lounge-collar-2Our wonderful friends at BlanketID have done it again! Just in time for the winter season, when all you want to do is sprawl out in front of the fireplace and be as comfortable as possible, the Lounge Collar has arrived!

Designed specifically to give pets that ‘I’ll just slip into something more comfortable’ option, the Lounge Collar provides luxurious comfort without sacrificing safety.

I for one am certainly guilty of taking Miss Rory’s collar off from time to time in the house so she can enjoy a ‘naked’ frolic — but according to statistics discovered during BlanketID’s product research, a huge percentage of pets go missing after dashing from their home without their precious collars on. How scary is that?blanket-id-lounge-collar-3 blanket-id-lounge-collar-4The Lounge Collar, therefore, is a natural ‘next step’ in the evolution of stylish pet ID wear. Each collar is carefully crafted from soft, supple Kangaroo leather (I had no idea such a thing existed… did you?) and can beautifully hold their precious ID tags so your pet is never without their most important information.

Plus (bonus!) wearing the Lounge Collar means no noisy jangling of tags! I am most certainly a fan of that. Miss Rory sounds like a mini Father Christmas jangling around the place at the moment and for a fidgety pup like her that can equal a lot of noise!

To learn more about this exciting new product, be sure to hop on over to Blanket ID and check out all the Lounge Collar styles and options! Imagine — when everyone opens their new pajamas on Christmas Day morning, your pup could be surprised with an equally comfortable collar option!

{Photography courtesy of BlanketID}


Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-Dog-Photographer-Christmas-dog-1Happy December everyone! To kick off this magical time of year I thought it might be nice to share a few outtakes from the Pawsh Holiday Mini Sessions. This event was hosted to raise money for Bark for Life of The Canadian Cancer Society and it was a wonderfully happy day of cute furry faces and festive cheer!

Grab yourself a cup of something hot and settle in for 22 photos of holiday themed dogs! Hopefully this will brighten up your lunch break!Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-2 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-Photographer-Christmas-dog-3 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-4 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-Dog-Photographer-Christmas-dog-5 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-6 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-Photographer-Christmas-Dog-7 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-8 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-9 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-10 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-11 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-12 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-13 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-14 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-15 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-16 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-17 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-18 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-19 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-20 Pawsh-Studio-Toronto-dog-photographer-Christmas-dog-21Pawsh-Studio-Holiday-Mini-Sessions-Pug-1Thank you again to everyone who made this event a big success! It was a great way to wrap the year! xo

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