PAWSH-October-Wallpaper-SMALLHappy October! It is the spookiest (and quite possibly cutest!) time of year and to kick things off in proper Halloween-inspired fashion we have an adorable FREE October wallpaper download for you! This wallpaper is meant to bring an extra smile or two to your work day, inspire your own dog-friendly Halloween costume and add an undeniable ‘awwww’ factor to your home office or desk.

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This month’s adorably themed-scene was created by Leida Declet Photography and beautifully embodies the delightful — and frightful — time of year.

About Leida Declet Photography

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Leida started combining her love of photography and animals in her spare time with her faithful beagle sidekick.

It was her beagle’s natural affinity for rolling around to get out of any shirt, sweater or garment that inspired her winning October wallpaper submission. “I thought he would made an excellent half-unwrapped mummy already coming undone,” she says.

Leida dreams of making a difference with her photography and creative eye, specifically in relation to the homeless animal problem that is quite prevalent in Puerto Rico.


If you do download this month’s wallpaper, be sure to Instagram it with the hashtag #pawshwallpaper, as we would love to see this dressed up pup sitting on your computers.

For next month’s wallpaper contest, the theme is ‘Puppy Dog Eyes.’ Follow the link for complete details about how to submit and have your photography featured here on Pawsh!


Pawsh-magazine-free-download-Sept-smallWe all need a work break from time to time and what better way to de-stress and refocus than by looking at an adorable, fluffy photo? Personally speaking it always makes me smile and instantly puts me in a better mood.

So inspired by the soothing nature of pets, Pawsh is launching a monthly wallpaper contest. Here’s how it will work:

Each month an open call will go out to professional pet photographers and pet-loving graphic designers alike for pet-inspired wallpaper submissions. I will pick my favourite and it will be available as a FREE wallpaper download to add a certain ‘awwww’ factor to our computer screens.

1) Format photos and/or designs to 1600 x 1200 pixels wide at 72dpi.
2) Include a small, tasteful watermark in the bottom left hand corner of the image. Pawsh will also be including the month and our website in the bottom right hand corner of selected images.
3) To submit, simply post your photo on our Facebook page wall with the title “[MONTH] Wallpaper.” You can email it in as well to info@pawsh-magazine.com.
4) Submitted photographs and/or designs should somehow reflect the general theme that will be announced at the beginning of each month. For example, next month is October so we’ll be looking for something Halloween related. (Bonus points if it something completely original!)
5) The winner each month will receive a little written blurb published on the Pawsh blog in which they can share a bit about themselves, their passions and their inspirations, as well as three social media links of their choice.

Above is an example of how the FREE wallpaper download will work. Please feel free to download it for your desktop if you like it and keep an eye out for October’s wallpaper!

PAWSH PERK: Take better pet photos at home with these 9 expert pet photography tips.


Toronto-Posh-Pets-Photography-27a copyHappy Monday ladies and gents! How was your weekend? Nothing short of fantastic and memorable I hope!

Things have been very busy around the Pawsh neck of the woods lately. Not only am I busy editing photoshoots, editing copy and brainstorming layouts for our upcoming edition of Pawsh Magazine (scheduled for release October 21st by the way), but I’m also organizing content for the soon to arrive holiday months and working on Pawsh Studio’s web page. Phew!

Sometimes, I get intimidated by the idea of change and overwhelmed when I decide to try something new or take on a new challenge here at Pawsh. But then I think of our canine companions and how they always naturally put their best paw forward, whether running after a tennis ball, chasing a pesky squirrel or nimbly trying to jump onto the bed without waking anybody up.

So with a few deep breaths, an endless supply of tea and a stash of emergency chocolate safely tucked away in my desk drawer, I’ll be diving head first into the next chapter of Pawsh this week — and posting updates along the way too! Wish me luck! xo

{Photography by Posh Pets Photography}

{NOTE: All dogs featured in our weekly ‘As Dogs Would Say’ column are available for adoption through Toronto Animal Services North. Please visit share this post to help bring awareness to the countless animals in need of loving homes.

This week’s featured pup is called Ralph — a one-year-old Pekingese or Pekingnese mix.}



children-and-dogsThe bond we have with our childhood dogs cannot be aptly describe by mere words alone. But in order for that bond to thrive, parents of both the pet and canine variety should be aware of a few key points to ensure that little ones and furballs live in harmony (and have a lot of fun along the way!)

Dogs will usually give all sorts of warning signs before being pushed to their absolute limit. Nobody really enjoys being clamoured all over, sat upon or pushed around and usually if a child is doing this (which a child should not be) to a dog the dog’s body language will stiffen.

Happy, relaxed body language means the dog is comfortable, confident and happy. Stiff, jerky body language means the dog is uneasy, fearful or upset which can lead to an unwelcome incident. Teach your child to be respectful of a dog’s space and to interact in a manner that is polite, but always keep an eye on your dog’s body language too, especially with very young children.

Little ones are always going to play a bit roughly while they learn the social dos and donts of life. In order to prepare your dog for this somewhat rambunctious addition to the family pack, handle them frequently.

Get your dog used to being touched all over — on their tail, their ears, between their toes, their bellies, their necks etc. — and make it a positive experience. This will help a dog be ready for little hands all over them.

It is no secret that dogs have very acute hearing. Loud screaming and crying can frazzle a dog, so be sure to have a quiet space that your dog can occupy when your babe starts fussing. As the child matures, teach them that quiet voices are nicer for Fido.

Puppies and children are very similar in many ways. In particular, both do better when they are given boundaries, structure and routine. Creating a routine for your dog and your child to interact together helps both to learn what is expected of them. For older children, giving them a dog-friendly task such as brushing the dog after dinner, helps them to understand their dog as a unique personality with certain needs, likes and dislikes.

Dogs can benefit from a refresher course in basic training to brush up on their ‘sit,’ ‘stay’ and ‘drop it’ commands. Children should also be taught that roughly stealing a dog’s toys and food is rude. Teaching both parties basic lessons such as this will help to create a respectful bond.

Often times little ones don’t realize that their actions are effecting others, so be sure to teach them that how they act towards others — especially animals — means something. Be sure to teach your child that how they act effects Fido’s mood and can hurt their feelings. Translating dog behaviour into the basic language of moods and feelings can help small children better relate with the family furball.

Of course, if a dog has difficult behaviour issues or if you are not comfortable preparing your dog-friendly home for a baby and a dog, it is always recommended that you consult a professional, experienced and certified dog behaviourist to help your family adjust.

{Photography by PAWSH Studio.}

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